Basic Concept Design Home Anti Flood

Earthquake kit – If you want to anticipate the problems that have been described previously yard, try to flood-resistant house design tips below: First , for those who want to build a house. Some things you need to prepare as follows: 1.Pondasi Make a foundation with a height ranging from 40 cm – 50 cm above… Read More »

This is what the House Anti-Flooding in Netherlands

Construction of this house is made of concrete as a buffer of light steel structures. Earthquake emergency kit the structure of the room and the floor with wooden panels. The floating houses do not have a car or motorcycle garage. So, any occupant to use boats to transport The uniqueness of this house is its… Read More »

Benefits Of Betel Leaves For Feminine Well As How To Process

It has long efficacy of betel leaf for women are known and used as traditional medicine. For instance, ancient people have unique habits that chew or chewing. Where one of the main ingredient is green betel leaf plants. The health benefits gained from this chewing activity is to prevent oral cancer, care of teeth and… Read More »

Building Concept Home Earthquake

Indonesian territory includes areas that have a high level of seismic risk among several world  earthquake area. Recent data were successfully recorded shows that on average each year an earthquake occurred ten activities which resulted in considerable damage in Indonesia. Earthquake kit list – Based on this, making the concept of building earthquake resistant homes become… Read More »

Planning Earthquake Resistant Buildings part3

A. Stiffness Abandoned Brick Wall. Tall buildings of the type of office buildings, hotels, or apartments, especially in big cities, in general, has a lobby located on the ground floor or ground floor. The characteristics of the lobby floor are: Inter-floor height is usually larger than a typical floor on it. Architects usually want this… Read More »

Danger Coffee

Everything certainly there are benefits and dangers example is drinking coffee behind the benefits to be gained from consuming this drink coffee there is a danger that can damage the body when consumed in excess. Maybe some just know some of the benefits without thinking about what the coffee hazard when consumed excessively. Having previously… Read More »

Mount Colima in Mexico erupts, 350 Residents Evacuated

Volcano Colima in Mexico erupted local time. One of the most active volcano in Central America was spewing lava and thick black column of smoke into the air. Head of the National Emergency Service, Luis Felipe Puente, said that 350 residents of two villages at the foot of the volcano have been evacuated. They were taken… Read More »

Foods for Breastfeeding For Abundant milk production

Having a baby is surely one of the most enjoyable things and also will make us happier.Therefore, it is essential that we are also concerned with the best nutrition for our children and make our children healthier. For mothers who have just given birth are surely still to be exclusively breastfed for our children, one… Read More »


Fiber Ajipamasa stanza LIV (Democrat), in 52 written, “Aran stone Pancakumara performance, means to heal, whatever the disease, kinaluku in water, kasiramaken true, undoubtedly heal, so bagyanireki. Meaning free: With the strengthening of (crystallized) can Pancakumara as a means to solve a variety of problems, in a way-above-me right to silence true, surely will bring… Read More »

2018 Subaru Outback, A Great Choice For Travelling

Subaru has claimed again the top spot for brand for SUV cars with this 2018 Subaru Outback. Tough on the outside, but luxe on the inside, that is what Subaru wants to achieve with this model. There is not much changes you can find from the earlier model, but Subaru did claimed that they made… Read More »