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Fiber Ajipamasa stanza LIV (Democrat), in 52 written,
“Aran stone Pancakumara performance, means to heal, whatever the disease, kinaluku in water, kasiramaken true, undoubtedly heal, so bagyanireki.
Meaning free:

With the strengthening of (crystallized) can Pancakumara as a means to solve a variety of problems, in a way-above-me right to silence true, surely will bring prosperity and happiness we shared.
In Javanese culture to know the so-called “four-five puppets” or “Caturkumara Pancakumara”, and referred to “five tough” is Pancakumara or with another term is “Power On”.

Wirabaya Task Force established by the government in addition to training with a variety of physical skills and technology should be given training on intelligence “Power On” or spiritual intelligence (SQ), by means of high-me-not “vitality” to silence true. Because this is how it will be resolved various issues affecting or that will happen in this land. And in this way that will bring prosperity and happiness we shared. Perhaps occurred presumption, if this is not mystical or occult, and whether the religious could receive it …?

Gambar terkait

Albert system said, “When the ratio of men are not able to reach him would say irrational, but when the ratio of men to reach him would say rational”. Training of intelligence “Power On” or spiritual intelligence (SQ) is rational and can be received by the academic and religious ideas that would think rationally, without hatred based on a (negative thinking). Earthquake disaster kit training of intelligence “Power On” or intelligence Spiritual (SQ) without a prayer or a mantra, because it is not based on one of Theology (religion), so that the religious of the Theology (religion) who think clearly and rationally can certainly accept and will even increase treasures of faith in the religious life of their own, because of our faith in God that it will be stronger.

This training across religious and ethnic divides, because of its universal Spiritual. And it should be stressed, that the method of training and intelligence “Power On” (SQ) is very different from the meaning of the SQ has been understood by the general public during this time. We of the Foundation “racket Simple” with humble and very proud when appointed delight to reveal intelligence methods and training “Power On” is. But if not, we are quite happy that the results of our study could be useful to the nation, because this is one of our devotion to the established “Simple racket”, whereas our study not only this, and some have been used by the community. for example; study on “Rice Cultivation In culture” and “History of Java Calendar” which aired on JTV and various radio stations in Malang.

There was an interesting experience sustained Sutrimo, when trying to follow the Spiritual training (SQ) in a private university in Malang, that time with the aim of increasing knowledge.It turns out there is no training, but that is conducted lectures Theology (religion) with a variety of quotes and sentences of a letter of the scriptures from one religion (theology).

This activity is actually a deception of the public, because the publication is not suitable realization. If at that time there were participants who happened to Theology (religion) it must have been a different disappointment, because it should be universal Spiritual cross Theology (religion).Similar experience was also experienced by Mr. Colonel (Ret.) H.

Toegino SOEKARNO, SE Protective Foundation “Simple racket”.
In Fiber Ajipamasa also written a number of signs that there will be a catastrophe, among others:

  1. Siti Sulaya: the land was not consistent.
  2. Endralaya: Taste Life feels numb.
  3. Bayu ngisis: wind improperly lead to resources for disaster occur minus the oxygen (O2).
  4. Sultry uyang: even if the wind blows but the air temperature and moisture content change is uncertain, so it feels uncomfortable.
  5. Sitra Marengi: There is a change of the season (transition) is not necessarily.
  6. Sato amangsa janmi: animals eat human life or wild animals and wild man of the house (eating something that should not be eaten by the animal).

Thus our study strand of the Foundation “racket Prasaja” an agency assessment, development and preservation of Javanese culture. Actually, this study is far from perfect, due to limited funds and human resources that we have. So we are expecting a contribution from various parties either in the form of funding or in the form of advice and criticism for the creation of a study which approached the perfect word, especially in the form of funding because we still have not actually desperate to continue to improve this study. Hopefully the results of this study is useful for many people. Amien.

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