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How to build buildings earthquake resitentes

It is said that a building is earthquake resistant when designed and constructed with a configuration suitable structural components and materials of appropriate dimensions with a ratio and sufficient strength to withstand the action of forces caused by earthquakes frequent. Even when design and build a building to meet all requirements indicating design standards and… Read More »

Mount Colima in Mexico erupts, 350 Residents Evacuated

Volcano Colima in Mexico erupted local time. One of the most active volcano in Central America was spewing lava and thick black column of smoke into the air. Head of the National Emergency Service, Luis Felipe Puente, said that 350 residents of two villages at the foot of the volcano have been evacuated. They were taken… Read More »


Fiber Ajipamasa stanza LIV (Democrat), in 52 written, “Aran stone Pancakumara performance, means to heal, whatever the disease, kinaluku in water, kasiramaken true, undoubtedly heal, so bagyanireki. Meaning free: With the strengthening of (crystallized) can Pancakumara as a means to solve a variety of problems, in a way-above-me right to silence true, surely will bring… Read More »


Facts of what causes earthquakes – This one simple tips for the community at risk, with how to deal with cyclones. There is some anticipation that can be done to minimize the impact of a tornado. First of all, we must recognize the months transition period where we are, and must hold a greening greening because with… Read More »

Volcanic Earthquake

Volcanic earthquakes are earthquakes that occur due to volcanic activities, either before, during, or after the eruption.  Magma comes out through volcanoes move along with volcanic rocks making up the body. The vibration caused by the movement transmitted in all directions through the material making up the Earth’s crust. Therefore, before the volcanic eruption was… Read More »

Damage Land: Type, Control and Prevention

The more time passes, the condition of the Earth is getting old. This would increase the fragility of the elements that exist on Earth, including land . In addition, activities undertaken by humans in everyday life also affect the state of the ground. The content of soil consists of 50% of solid material (45% mineral substances… Read More »

Controlling Plant Type landslide

Many types of plants that we do not know for controlling landslides that could harm all living things on earth. Plant species is rare, but has a lot of content that could be controlling landslides. Read more: earthquake preparedness kit Here are the types of plant controllers landslides: Trees with nature taproot deep roots and… Read More »