Eustoma Flower – Vulcan Purple Picotee

By | May 17, 2017



The ‘Vulcan Purple Picotee’, are funnel-shaped flowers, with durable and small sized leaves, so they are not destroyed during the transportation and storage. The launching on the market was a success thanks to the cheery colours; as flowers are white with blue as well as purple edges. Even the stems are consistent as well as the ordinary life period in the flower holder is 13 days.

It was offered in the Dutch public auctions by Could 2007, although the first stems were marketed in autumn 2006. The passion from buyers has now resulted in a substantial boost in the cost and also a boost in the products.

Eustoma is a member of the Gentianaceae family members.


Eustoma varieties contain solitary and double flowered cultivars.

Tips for care

Throughout storage and also transportation:

– Eustoma is really sensitive to damage, to microorganisms as well as fungal parasites.
– If the flowers are put as well close together, there will certainly be a great deal of humidity and this might develop the Botrytis.
– The suitable storage temperature level must be between 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. The lower the storage space temperature level, the better, so the mold and mildew stops expanding.
– It is suggested to keep a continuous temperature level. Temperature modification result in condensation, so it is greatest the danger of event of Botrytis.
– Constantly store as well as transportation Eustoma in water.

In the shop:

– Constantly shop Eustoma in water. Study suggests that such flowers are maintained far better.
– Cut the stems diagonally as well as leave the blossoms packed or wrapped in paper. Then put the flowers in clean water with some food for cut blossoms. Unclean water restricts the flower holder life.
– Do not put a lot of blossoms in the container. If the blossoms are positioned as well close to each other, the moisture ends up being high and also Botrytis could form.
– The perfect storage temperature level should be between 5 to 15 levels Celsius. The lower the storage space temperature, the far better, so you could stop the growth of mold.
– It is recommended to keep a consistent temperature. Temperature adjustment bring about condensation, so it is highest the danger of incident of Botrytis.

At home:

– Make use of a clean and also clear glass vase, so it is easy to see the degree of the water.
– Cut the stems, get rid of the lower leaves, make use of fresh and also clean water with flower food.
– Do not put Eustoma in direct sunlight, as water will certainly evaporate very quickly from the fallen leaves, more than the stem can absorb.
– Vase life is of 8 to 2 Week. Always eliminate dead flowers.

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