Foods for Breastfeeding For Abundant milk production

By | April 19, 2017

Having a baby is surely one of the most enjoyable things and also will make us happier.Therefore, it is essential that we are also concerned with the best nutrition for our children and make our children healthier. For mothers who have just given birth are surely still to be exclusively breastfed for our children, one of the most important ways is to consume foods for breastfeeding mothers who will make us able to get ation with more.

Indeed, at the time of lactation stage there are some people who have problems, one of them is because they mostly can not breastfeed because breast milk they can not get out easily. There is indeed a good idea if we eat some food that will pump breast milk to get out so much more and also can make it easier and will make sure ASI also healthy. The food is also very healthy and will make us more comfortable as well so sure.

Vegetable katuk Memper Many breastfeeding

Food for Breastfeeding

If it will consume some food, then we also need to know what these foods, the following are some of these foods are:

1. Vegetables katuk

It is a vegetable that is very famous once since the first is a vegetable that will pump breast milk out quicker and more exact. To cook this vegetable is also easy because this vegetable can be cooked like spinach using corn or carrots. Surely taste inflicted on leaf vegetable katuk will also be tasty and nutritious.

2. Nuts

There are some nuts are also good for lactating mothers, one of which is red beans containing non-animal protein that is healthy once for nursing mothers and will make breast milk can also come out with lots and healthy.

3. Eggs

It is a food that contains vitamin D and going very well for breastfeeding mothers. These foods can help in the growth of strong bones. Of course this will make our baby bones strong and healthy for sure.

4. Cereals


These foods can be a good source of nutrients for sure a nursing mother will keep her well during the night off so it takes some very good nutrition is.

When choosing some nutrition, then we must know the actual intake is suitable or not for us. At the moment we can cultivate also know that the food is actually tasty and made us more appetite to eat. Food for nursing mothers today exist in the form that can be shaped instant milk. It can also be consumed and we can arrange to whether the food is needed at certain times.

If you are already using some of these foods so there must also be an influence on our baby, because it is in these foods contained some things that are important and will also make it easier. These foods usually will make us healthier and healthier babies.

Increase foods ASI

There are some vegetables and other fruits that can make our body more healthy. The following are some of these fruits, among others:

1. Oranges

For those who are nursing the content of vitamin C contained in oranges would be very useful and also necessary in very much. We can also consume juice.

2. Blubbery

It is a fruit that is also good for our bodies and will make us more healthy compared to other fruits. At this fruit contains plenty of antioxidants that are good for the body.

3. Avocados

In this piece there are also several vitamins that will make the body more healthy and more comfortable in the course of lactation.

Basically it is the child the baby will need the nutrients that are good for their bodies. For breastfeeding mothers can also use salmon as a food is good for the body because they contain a lot of omega-3 healthy. In addition to the salmon is also found that it contains DHA are good for our children. Because of course every baby will require DHA are good for their growth and development course.

For who are breastfeeding also definitely should always consume the milk is good for the body, but milk is the recommended low-fat milk. Because if it contains fat it also can provide excess fat on our bodies. So it’s good to consume milk provides vitamin D, protein and vitamin B.

If you’ve felt the food was complete, then we can do a sport that is still time to do. This exercise is also beneficial for our blood flow and make our body more healthy. It also can make us more fit than usual, where many people are not fit for consuming less milk.

Giving food to be healthier in the care of breast feeding for the child simply can we notice easily. Food for nursing mothers is indeed important note and will make us easier. Make sure that children receive appropriate nutrition and will make children more healthy and grow strong.

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