Mount Colima in Mexico erupts, 350 Residents Evacuated

By | April 19, 2017

Volcano Colima in Mexico erupted local time. One of the most active volcano in Central America was spewing lava and thick black column of smoke into the air.

Head of the National Emergency Service, Luis Felipe Puente, said that 350 residents of two villages at the foot of the volcano have been evacuated.

They were taken to the nearest shelter before the eruption occurred.

Since the beginning of September, a mountain located in the western part of Mexico , between the states of Colima and Jalisco, it has shown a high volcanic activity before the eruption.

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China Railway Tunnel Makes Plans Under Mount Everest

China is planning to dig deep under Mount Everest in order to build a railway to Nepal . If the railway tunnel is realized, a day trip by train between Calcutta and Beijing became possible.
A railway line has been operating from Xining in China amid up to Tibet. However, officials of China said that Nepal has requested that the service be extended to the border and to Kathmandu.

Numerous reports in Kathmandu said the proposed path then could continue to Lumbini, a World Heritage Site. To get there, the path it must pass under Everest.

“The line was probably going to go through the Everest so that the workers may have to dig a very long tunnel,” said Wang Mengshu, railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

He told the newspaper China Daily that the preparatory work is underway on the request of Nepal . However, he said, because the Himalayas challenging terrain, the trains on each track to Kathmandu may have a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

The proposal confirms the influence of China in Nepal , when Beijing has a few years to build roads and invested billions of dollars in a hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) and telecommunications.

The pathway will provide a route for tourists from Beijing to Lumbini, where Buddha was born. The path will attract large numbers of tourists and pilgrims, and China has voiced its readiness to help develop the town.

Officials say, the line could be completed in 2020, and analysts have stated that path could also be extended to India and thus potentially creating one big trip train in the world, from Beijing to Calcutta. “If these proposals become a reality, bilateral trade, especially in agricultural products, will get a strong boost, along with tourism and the movement of people,” said Wang.

Wang’s comments came after a series of meetings between the leaders of China and Nepal in recent months, including a visit to Lumbini this week by Wang Zuoan, Director of Administration for Religious Affairs in China . He met with President Ram Baran Yadav, leader of Nepal , at the end of last week to discuss the continued investment of China in Lumbini and better transport links between the two countries.

The proposed railway line it could face opposition from India, fearing the expansion of the influence of China in his backyard and in the Indian Ocean. It is very sensitive related to the presence of China in Nepal , its closest neighbors.

Plans China to expand the railway network in Tibet has also received criticism from rights groups, including the International Campaign for Tibet. The group warned that the project had “dangerous implications for regional security and the fragile ecosystem of the highest and largest plateau in the world”.

However ,, some officials in New Delhi seemed to relax with the development and analysts believe it could bring significant benefits for the Indian trade without spending anything.

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